About eAuthority

Why eAuthority is the right choice?

Designed for regulatory compliance, productivity and efficiency, eAuthority is the leading multi-platform integrated system to oversee organizations, aircraft, and aviation professional certification and licensing. eAuthority, inspired by ICAO, EASA and FAA regulations,  is designed to increase efficiency of internal staff while giving real-time information to the management on a multi-platform dashboard.  Our product includes more than 17 modules including unique modules such as SMS/SSP, credential management and SAFA (Foreign operator surveillance), additional modules can be flexibly tailored based on your needs. Being the most modern application in the market, eAuthority is platform neutral, web-based and operates with a tailor-made native mobile application. The multi-platform inspection module is proven to increase inspector efficiency by more than 80%, allowing inspectors to optimize their time. The highly integrated DMS allows you to run your organization paperless. It offers a fully interactive self-service module that seamlessly performs eService operations such as form filling, general inquiries, reporting, applications, alerts and notifications among others eliminating need for clients submitting manually or visiting your office physically.  eAuthority is suitable for national authority, military and airport organizations.




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