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Budget Planning (BPAS)

Seabury has built the next generation budget planning tool that supports the ability to consume information from numerous sources in varying formats in order to create, derive and allocate out a produced operating budget for the year.

  • Ability to characterize data for dynamic, user empowered manipulation and derivation
  • Fully modular activity based costing allocation engine in order to drive cost and revenue to a desired level of detail
  • Comprehensive rate capture utilizing a varying number of structures (straight rate, tiered rates, derived rates)
  • A configurable work flow to manage the production of receiving input to generate output
  • Maintain budget support documentation and variance explanations within the application
  • Capable of producing and maintaining a rolling forecast maintaining vigilance and preparedness to respond to changing conditions
  • Capable of maintaining multiple versions of a budget
  • Fully integrated and user configurable exchange rate calculation and conversion module
  • Storage and management of historical data within our central, common data store
  • User defined and stored reporting to support budgeting effort

What differentiates BPAS is that the data consumed (schedules, operating plans etc) are cross leveraged throughout the other EPAS modules to simplify the data collection effort and provide consistency to all levels of planning and analysis.

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