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Distribution Channel Performance
Revenue Performance Analysis System (RPAS)

EPAS as applied to focus on the sales and distribution channel is RPAS.  This product can be used to measure airline revenue channel performance by allocating cost and revenue to each individual agent location and point of sale.  This includes correctly assigning web costs, call center costs, agency base/ incentive commissions etc., ultimately allocated down to each individual coupon leg which can be used as a feed to route profitability to provide further detail to the operation for better decision making.

This application improves channel management through the following:

  • Highlights revenue tradeoffs between distribution channels (based on market discount levels, commission structures, overhead, etc.)
  • Immediately takes account of changes in actual or forecast costs such as anticipated incentive/commissions payments
  • Monitors changes in revenue against changes in cost of sales by highlighting over- and underperformers
  • Measures net impact of investments such as sales campaigns and other initiatives can be more readily valued
  • Helps management and staff across the organization (distribution, marketing, sales, etc.) to evaluate the net contribution of their actions

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