About eAuthority

Safety Oversight Software for Aviation Authorities

Safety Oversight Software

Designed for regulatory, compliance, productivity and efficiency, eAuthority is the leading safety oversight software for Civil Aviation Authorities & Airports. Inspired by ICAO, EASA and FAA regulations, eAuthority is designed to increase efficiency of internal staff  while giving real-time information to the management on a multi-platform dashboard. Through it’s sophisticated structure and user friendly system, eAuthority is the most advanced application in the market today.

Functional Architecture 

Safety Oversight Software

General Characteristics: 

  • Easy integration with own as well as third-part systems (ECCAIRS, Bonita BMP, Risk View)
  • Web Application
  • Solid integration of the different modules
  • Friendly, intuitive and customizable user interface
  • System, Support, Implementation and Documentationin English and Spanish
  • Modern, robust and reliable system
  • Flexible report-generation and consulting
  • Remote access

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