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Fuel Planning


Fuel Planning and Management (FPAS)

FPAS, integrated within the EPAS suite, supports an airline’s budgeting, analysis and settlement of fuel costs and related activities.  Users are able to import their flight operating schedules and plans to forecast their budgeted fuel upload for a variety of time horizons and calculation methods.  Market price indexes are uploaded and transformed to a common unit rate to support budgeting and invoice settlement.  The process leverages the contract management and invoice verification functionality of CPAS capturing both master and location specific contracts.  In addition to base fuel costs, any number of location specific delivery models, add-ons, differentials and taxes can be configured and accounted for.  Fuel delivery documentation can be imported from automated sources or captured and uploaded by airline personnel using our remote data capture application on a PC or tablet.  This data will be validated against reported flight operations data to ensure against fraudulent reporting.    Supplier invoices are audited for volume and rate accuracy based the application of the contracted terms to the valid fuel slips ensuring against overcharges and duplicate billing.

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