Our People

Guillermo Purro, Senior Vice President: Mr. Purro is a multi-skilled professional recognized for crafting the requisite strategic vision to achieve business goals, offering a unique blend of executive acumen, highly competitive teams management, and IT solutions development credited with strong ROI and operational improvement. He has more than fifteen years in the aviation software industry.  He holds a BSc (Information Systems Engineering) and MSc in Project Management. Further to these he also holds an Advanced Diploma in Software Quality from the Pascal University, in Cordoba, and an Advanced Diploma in Strategic Management from the ICDA Business Academy.

Ireland | Shannon
Tel +353 61 749010

Argentina | Córdoba
Tel +54 351 700 0206

Philippines | Manila
Tel +632 790 0271

United States | New Jersey
Tel +1 908 376 1505

Netherlands | Amsterdam
Tel +31 615 85 6942

Germany | Berlin
Tel +49 307 2621 1922

Australia | Melbourne
Tel +61 046 8494448


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