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Outgrowing Excel
Spreadsheets are no longer “Good Enough”

Spreadsheets may be acceptable for small fleets and simple business models, but add a little complexity and they quickly become obsolete for any number of reasons, including:

  • Your cost allocation methods are overly simplified/limited
  • The amount of data you can effectively process is constrained to summarized results
  • It is difficult to model for your various types of operations and operating agreements
  • Distribution and control of the results is a challenge
APAS puts the power in the hands of your analysts

Analysts design and maintain multiple processing models that can utilize all available data sources.
Leverage the power of an integrated, activity-based costing engine and Oracle relational database to get the information you need.

Results are stored at a detail level supporting analysis using any number of user defined measures and dimensions including a robust “Network Contribution” model.

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