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Aircraft Maintenance Software for Management and Control


Aircraft Maintenance Software

Seabury Solutions Aircraft Maintenance Software, Alkym, is an integrated MRO IT Solution specifically designed for the Management & Control of Aircraft within Airlines and MROs. It is developed and supported by a dedicated group of Aviation Professionals and leading edge technologists with vast experience in the sector.

Alkym can be integrated with many aviation software solutions such as APAS (Airline Performance Analysis System) and MPAS (Maintenance Performance Analysis System). If you would like it interfaced with other systems that you currently use, then our IT specialists are on hand to make this seamless.

The network of offices are located in Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Argentina, USA, Canada, Kenya, Philippines Korea and Australia. Having a global network of offices allows our support team to respond to queries on real time.

With over 85 customer engagements across 45 different countries our aircraft maintenance software has built a reputation of one of the leading solutions in the industry. The near 100% customer satisfaction rating within the ISO 9001-2015 accreditation is testament to the quality of products and professional services we provide to companies worldwide.

Click below to see a short video highlighting the latest features and enhancements of Alkym 7, one of the most advanced aviation maintenance solutions on the market.

Click HERE to see the list of the MRO Software Modules contained in Alkym.

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Argentina | Córdoba
Tel +54 351 700 0206

Australia | Sydney
Tel +61 046 8494448

Canada | Ottawa
Tel +1 613 250 8151

Germany | Berlin
Tel +49 307 2621 1922

Ireland | Shannon
Tel +353 860621311

Korea | Seoul
Tel +82 10-9327-6847

Netherlands | Amsterdam
Tel +31 615 85 6942

Philippines | Manila
Tel +632 790 0271

United States | New Jersey
Tel +1 908 376 1505


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