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Integrated Aviation Maintenance Software Modules

Alkym® / Management and Control System is the most complete and cost-effective Aviation Maintenance Software Solution available in the global market.

Covering all functional aspects of aircraft maintenance themselves, including those related to the areas of: Engineering, Planning, Warehouse & Production, Quality, among others.

  • Planning
  • Maintenance control
  • MRO Production planning
  • Engeneering
  • Receiving and shipping
  • Inventory
  • Purchasing and repair
  • Reliability
  • Human resources
  • Sales
  • Quality assurance
  • Technical publication
  • System configuration
  • Safety management system
  • Production kiosk
  • Alkym
  • M-transfer
  • Workshop

The Planning Module combined with the dedicated Works Expiration Explorer provides all the functionalities required to record the works performed on aircrafts and components. It also allows effectively planning the scheduled maintenance works. The expiration control of the performed tasks on airplanes, engines and components, as well the development and progress percentage of these tasks, is simply carried out through a modern graphic interface that allows visually managing all the main operations.

Additionally, through powerful and flexible tools, specially developed for operations related to queries and reports, it is possible to easily obtain information about defects, consumed materials in each work, man hours spent, manpower needed for a task, associated costs, etc.These are some of the tasks performed by the Planning Module:

  • Scheduling of differed items (MEL and No MEL)
  • Expiration control of scheduled works . Forecasts according to the aircraft utilization
  • Work orders and Task Cards management
  • Generation of printing lots; including Work Orders, Tally Sheet, Task Cards and attached references
  • Workscopes management
  • Work progress control by component tags and man hours
  • Personnel qualification control at the closing time
  • Record of installations, removals and interchanges of programming components and work coordination
  • Application of extensions to scheduled work
  • Material availability verification
  • Material forecast and labour for work execution
  • Functional Position mapping customized by aicraft
  • Control and alert of transitory removal of ETOPS condition on aircraft
  • Component History (movement, repair, component tags, documentation, etc.)
  • Management of Non routine and deferred items
Maintenance control

These are some of the functionalities of the Aviation Maintenance Software Control Module:

  • Administration of differed items (MEL and Non MEL). Specification of deadline according to different variables (flight hours, cycles, days, etc)
  • Record of manpower and required materials for compliance with differed items
  • Aircraft Work Records
  • Fuels and oil consumptions records
  • Record of line services
  • Scheduled work queries. Re-programming
  • Work labour programming
  • Maintenance and operational limitation report of each aircraft according to the MEL items
  • Delay and technical cancellation reports
  • Material Availability queries
  • Material forecast
  • Material lack
MRO Production planning

These are some of the functionalities of the MRO Production Planning Module

  • MRO Production Planning
  • Complete Resource Planning
  • Shift Cycle Management
  • Resource Optimisation
  • Contract Management
  • From Quotation to Invoice
  • Customer Defect Approval

Through the core Technical Modules it is possible to make a complete and efficient design of the Maintenance Program for each aircraft and also to manage all the requirements from the manufacturers or aviation authorities (AD’s, SB’s, special programs, special requirements, etc), as well as customers requirements (modifications, special works, painting, etc.).
In addition the MEL administration for the different aircrafts and the control of tasks applicable to components and required to external Workshops.   This module also includes every necessary tool for the management of the different investigation reports generated from reports or reliability’s requirements, incidents or accidents, structural defects, etc.
Main functionalities,

  • Maintenance Program Management  (ADs, SBs, Taskcards, CPCP, SSID, Engineering Orders, local regulations, etc)
  • Support for Equalized Maintenance Programs
  • Mel’s administration
  • Overhaul of tasks
  • Assistance in the determination of Specific Task´s Applicability to components
  • Requested materials and labour for every task
  • Interchangeable P/N management
  • Cancellation of Purchase/Repair of components by P/N
  • Specification of ETOPS condition for products
  • Oil consumption monitoring of engines and APU
  • Specification of Work Scopes for components. Possibility of including new works before the component is sent to the Workshop
  • Effective Warranty Alert
  • Suppliers Capabilities Record
  • Research Reports (recurrent defects, critical defects, etc)
  • Generation and administration of Engines Reports
  • Reports of replies for reliability analysis
  • Changes of  the designations of components


Receiving and shipping

This Module includes all the functionalities related to materials receiving and shipping. During the receiving process, component warranty conditions are activated and optionally all certificates and related documentation may be digitally stored (form 8130, form 1, repair reports etc). Besides, materials identification tags are generated for an accurate location into the warehouse.

Finally, this Module generates and administrates all the documents that substantiate all the operations related to the outputs of  materials from the warehouse, such as internal movements, material delivery notes, Pro Forma Invoices and customs documentation. These are some of the functionalities of the Receiving and Shipping Module:

  • Administration of Material delivery notes and Proforma Invoices
  • Administration of Material internal movements between stations and/or internal workshops
  • Components Warranties Activation
  • Receipts for the Provision of Services
  • Generation of Investigation Reports
  • Generation of Components´ tags
  • Repair Report Generation from existent Work Scopes
  • Air Waybill (AWB) Administration
  • Material Arrival Reports. Notification by email to concerned persons.
  • Acceptance control for ETOPS components in warehouses

The Inventory Module provides all the functionalities which are necessary to perform a complete and efficient administration of a material inventory. It includes functions for material transferences, return to stock, quarantine, return to service and others that allow reflecting, through the system, the movement and changes in the material status. In Addition, this same module alerts about material shelf-life as well as expirations of tools or special equipment calibrations.

Finally, the Inventory Module immediately provides the stock valuation and the bases that allow making a subsequent analysis of inventory depreciation and amortization. These are some of the functionalities:

  • Material availability verification, contemplating alternatives, available remote warehouses and destination of use
  • Materials requisition
  • Pickup orders generation for Material Issues
  • Materials Return to Stock
  • Stores and shelves administration
  • Material Transfers between Locations
  • Inventory’s valuation according to FIFO, LIFO, PPP ( reference and exact prices)
  • Stock administration policies
  • Products stock politics administration. Specification of storage conditions and manipulation
  • Automatic Generation of Restocking Requests according to stock levels defined for each Product and Warehouse
  • Materials consumption tracking
  • Stock adjustments due to shortage or excess
  • Delivery Orders Generation (DO)
  • Shelf life expiration control
  • Material adjustment (scrap, transactions_NSV, missing parts, lack, excess, return to service etc)
Purchasing and repair

The Purchasing and Repair Module contains all the functionalities which are necessary to simplify requisition processes and materials acquisition as well as everything related with component repair management. This Module allows performing the tracking of parts in reparation, the management of the repairing warranties and the monitoring of different repair workshops in accordance with their turn around time, costs, and work quality.

Finally, this module presents the basis to perform multiple cost analyses once the costs are allocated to an account that belongs to a previously defined General Ledger.

Main functionalities,

  • Administration and Tracking of Material Request
  • Administration of Purchase Requests
  • Management of Purchase Orders (PO) of different types (Charge, no charge, rental, loan, exchange, service, etc)
  • Management of Repair Orders (RO)
  • Component repair orders
  • Record of components´ warranty conditions on the commercial order
  • Association of Air Waybill (AWB) to Commercial Orders
  • Blanket orders administration
  • Issue of Delivery Orders (DO)
  • Suppliers administration
  • Money transferences to suppliers
  • Record of Supplier Vouchers
  • Configurable General Ledger Accounts for debits imputation

The reliability analysis in the aeronautical maintenance is becoming more and more important each day. Through the use of this Module it is possible to do multiple and complex analyses in a simple and easy way, obtaining precise and trustworthy results.
The Reliability Module considers the automatic generation of Recurrent Defect Alerts (with recurrent criteria previously established by the user) and Critical Defect Alerts.

In addition, through the use of a specific data mart, the analysis of technical defects by ATA, tendencies, technical defects by fleet, technical defects by component, meantime between defects, meantime between removals, etc.. are easily performed. These are some of the functionalities of the Reliability Module:

  • Record and administration of Cabin Defects Report
  • Technical Defect Codification
  • Recurrent Defect Detection
  • Generation of Recurrent Defects Reports
  • Generation of Critical ETOPS Defects Reports
  • Recurrent defect analysis according to different criteria
  • Technical delays and cancellations Record
  • Analysis of Reliability by fleet/aircraft. Trends
  • Analysis of Component Reliability (URR, FR, MTBF, MTBUR, etc.).
  • Shipping reliability analysis
  • Analysis of technical defects


Human resources

These are some of the functionalities of the Human Resources Module:

  • Management of staff data
  • Record of qualifications and categories (Professional and granted by the company)
  • Previous aeronautic experience and experience acquired in the company
  • Record of education, languages, software tools and labour history
  • Training administration (requirements, programs, courses, instructors, training centers etc.)
  • Evaluation’s record (from audience, courses, instructors etc.)
  • Record of Performance Appraisals
  • Record of Disciplines and Recognitions
  • Details of  Accomplished Works
  • Documentation Expiration Control (Medical examinations, licenses, etc.)
  • Generation of Reports for Airworthiness Authorities

The Sales Module is specially addressed to cover all requirements related to sales -both for services and products- which arise mainly in  Maintenance workshops.

As regards services, this Module includes the possibility of managing customers Repair Requests (Work Scopes) facilitating budgeting and progress control. After having approved the customers Repair Requests, one or more Work Orders are logged on the system for the accomplishment of agreed works. On the products sale, this Module allows to handle multiple prices for each product to be commercialized. By means of simple queries it is possible to monitor in real-time the demand of any product such as the variation of purchase prices and sales, among others.These are some of the functionalities:

  • Management of Purchase Requests
  • Management of Customer Repair Requests (Work Scopes)
  • Record of required works including special customer requirements (Non Routine)
  • Management of different types of Sales Orders (service, repair, lease, loan, rental, exchange, etc.)
  • Record of issued Vouchers
  • Specification of costs, sales and purchase prices by product
  • Costs, charges and profit analysis by Work Scope, Work Order, customer, etc
  • Configurable alerts by excess of working hours and amounts among others. according to budget
  • Progress work control by tags and evolved man hours
  • Non Routine management
  • Materials allocation to work tags, work orders and work scopes
  • Customer management
Quality assurance

The Quality Assurance Module is an integrated tool mainly designed to achieve higher effectiveness and lower non-quality costs. It is oriented to those companies which implement quality management systems as well as those in process of implementation.

Throughout its functionalities, companies can define its quality goals and track their development over time, generating statistics, identifying and anticipating potential problems, as well as implementing and monitoring corrective action plans and preventive procedures in each business area, among other capabilities.
Additionally, the QA module makes it possible to easily manage complaints, improvement suggestions and new proposals for both internal and external customers, ensuring rapid answers and future efficient monitoring. The QA Module has been designed to comply with all the requirements of international certificates of quality and safety, especially with IOSA standards for airlines.

The main functionalities are,

  • Business Process Mapping
  • Organizational Indicators
  • Audit Program Management
  • Non-conformities Tracking
  • Actions Management
  • Document Management
Technical publication

The ability to look after Technical Document is managed throughout Alkym whether it be the M-Files or Digital Document Management. Further to this we have the Technical Library Module in which the organisation can control and manage publications.

The main features would include:

  • Technical Publication Requests
  • Technical Publication Administration
  • Publication Revision Control
  • Copies Control
System configuration

The configuration Module allows assuring proper operative system adaptability with the organization processes through a system parameter settings. Furthermore, through this module it is possible to configure different access permission for each user to the different functions and tools that the system provides. Alkym will fit to your organisation and not the other way around.

Main Functionalities:

  • Documents identification Configuration
  • Users Configuration
  • User profile Configuration
  • Groups Configuration
  • Access permission by groups and users Configuration
  • Customization of Alkym Main Interface for each user
  • Alkym General parameter settings
  • Modules Parameter settings
  • Security reports
  • Configuration of auditing activity
  • Centralized processes Configuration
  • Reports administration for documents defects
  • Configuration of XML events for the integration with other applications
Safety management system

Just a few highlights of the SMS module included in Alkym relate to the ability to:

  • Define responsibility levels and permissions associated for all the resources that intervene in the management of SMS
  • Enables the publication and revision of policies, procedures and all the documents associated to the management of operational security
  • Records events associated with safety, such as incidents (events that impact safety directly) or as occurrences (events that may result in an incident)
  • Allows the user to categorize the event and apply a criticality rate in relation of the risk associated
  • Monitors all the investigations of events and highlights the items expired. The Safety Manager or Executive may perform recommendations and monitor the implementation
  • The SMS module provides statistical reports and graphical analysis of trends. These reports may be performed in accordance to the incident type, aircraft type or location
Production kiosk

The people on the front line need the same resources as those in supporting areas. However their core function should be focused on Production. If they are not comfortable with the management system they will not embrace it to its maximum capacity. This is why we built our Production Kiosk.

With its User Interface designed around ease of use (large touch screen buttons / bar coding) the people who keep your aircraft flying have access to the data they need in a format they are very comfortable with. This feed truly accurate data back through out your organisation.


  • Continuous monitoring of the production area
  • Data collection in both hangar line and offices
  • Online Work follow-up control
  • Detailed cost control with assignable records for aircraft or components
  • Effective planning of work packages
  • Detailed reports of all work packages
  • Online printing of electronic documentation
  • Immediate billing system
  • Access to information: updated in real time
  • Total integration between areas of the company

Take control of the electronic clutter simply by one of the most innovative electronic document management system used in our aviation maintenance software
Main Functionalities of the M-Files tool

  • Lifecycle management of documents (reception, approval and publication)
  • Document management through virtual folders, making the same document available from multiple folders without creating copies
  • Documents version control and record of changes
  • Assignment of responsibilities and definition of workflows for documents (approval, publication, revision among others)
  • Creation of associations between documents
  • Linkage of documents to Alkym’s entities such as Tasks (ADs, SBs, etc.), Engineering Orders, Processes etc
  • Simplified search of documents, according to labeling (metatags) and contents.
  • Customizable shortcuts for accessing to documents published on the web avoiding user identification
  • Ability to work on documents offline, synchronizing repositories when re-connecting
  • Replication of documents between decentralized repositories
  • Notifications of changes in documents via mail to staff
  • Secure access to current documents, avoiding the risk of accessing to obsolete documentation
  • Published documents available to anyone through a Web Browser

Alkym is part of the comunications components specially designed to enhance Alkym’s modules communication capabilities.
The system has more than 500 configurable built-in queries. All of these queriesare fully customizable to fulfill the needs of every user.


M-Transfer is an application tool specially design to support migration and data loading. Through this application massive data transferences can be easily made. This tool is particularly useful for accelerating new aircraft loading into the system and others similar situations.


Highlights of the new Workshop module include:

  • Quotations Management
  • Invoice Management
  • Customizable Workshop Tasks Structure (Work Scopes)
  • Labor Cost / Charge Management Recording
  • Time Attendance Control
  • Work Scope / Work Order Management
  • Work Progress Dashboard

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