Carlos Bianchi offers Aircraft IT an insight into the forward-looking ethos that drives Seabury Solutions enduring success.

The Argentinian, now living in Berlin, discusses the history behind Seabury Solutions, achievements and disappointments and the guiding principle that drives the business. Carlos also talks about what Seabury Solutions does for aircraft maintenance customers and what he believes is the future in maintenance aviation IT.



Seabury Solutions VP and Head of Sales & Marketing, Carlos Bianchi will be one of the many key industry speakers at the ‘Recovery in Aviation’ virtual summit, taking place from August 25th-27th 2020.

The conference will primarily be focused on business and strategy, and digital transformation. Two topics, that are now more important than ever, considering the current economic climate.

“This virtual conference is uniquely positioned to guide you in discovering your path to business success by leveraging People, Processes and Technology. It is all about creating high performance efficiency through process and Digital Transformation.” (#DigitalAircraft)

The virtual summit is free to all participants to attend. Why not join Carlos and other industry experts and begin your road to recovery by signing up here.


Seabury Solutions recently participated in the Aircraft IT MRO and Flight Ops Technology Feature & Questionnaire surrounding Covid-19.

The feature discusses, how Seabury Solutions are assisting their customers during the Covid-19 crisis, how their solutions are being used and how they have adapted and finally, the potential future for the aviation technology sector following the Covid crisis.



NEW YORK – 15th May, 2020 Seabury Solutions, a subsidiary of New York-based Seabury Capital Group LLC and the market leader in the development of Information Technology solutions for the aviation industry, recently published an article with CAD&Graphics, a South Korean professional magazine in the PLM field, including CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM. In this the company highlighted; Features and strengths of their solutions (products), Overall market conditions and prospects for Aviation ICT, Major technology trends or issues in aircraft maintenance IT and examples of some recent case studies. Link to original article here ( )

About Us

Seabury Solutions is a global aviation software development and consultancy company, which was established in 2002 and forms part of Seabury Capital. Seabury Capital has multiple subsidiaries that include financial companies, investment banks, technology, and software which focus on aerospace technology, space, and the financial service industry.

Seabury Solutions has built its reputation in the market by delivering industry-leading aerospace technology with over 150 employees across 10 countries. Having built upon decades of aviation expertise in-house, this knowledge has been leveraged into a suite of products that enhance the decision-making process for aviation operations.

With a truly global reach, the network of offices is located in Korea, Philippines, Australia, Argentina, USA, Canada, Ireland, Kenya, the Netherlands & Germany. This wide geographical spread allows the Seabury Solutions team to provide support 24/7 to all their customers in real-time.

Solution Introduction and Major Customers Cases

Seabury Solutions digital transformation platform consists of an integrated product range that covers maintenance repair & overhaul (MRO) and airline technical operations, regulators, and a range of performance analysis tools within the EPAS suite. 

Alkym – Aviation MRO Professional Solution

Alkym started as a small software developed by its own needs in the organization responsible for maintenance in the airline, and the technicians with related technologies established a separate company to develop the software in earnest to become an aviation MRO solution. Alkym has been designed and developed from the ground up to provide a holistic and integrated approach to aviation maintenance and engineering management, increasing operational and maintenance effectiveness for operators and maintenance companies, observing industry regulations, and maximizing annual performance efficiency, based on business knowledge and work methods.

Alkym differentiates itself from traditional MRO solutions based on ERP, enabling traditional heterogeneous functions such as engineering, maintenance, and materials to be integrated to manage information and processes according to the characteristics of MRO business, making work more efficient, integrating processes, and utilizing new technologies. It provides an effective base environment to strengthen the innovation activities of the company. Besides, Alkym is strategically designed to integrate with key ERP systems that provide the core elements of the enterprise for the management of financial, human resources, contracts, and customer relationships. Through this, customers with ERP can maximize the return on investment.

Key Features of Alkym:

– Rule-based regulation compliance

– Flexible process change response based on workflow

– Maintenance data analysis based on historical data/support for decision making

– Maintenance plan simulation considering available resources

– Maximize resource utilization through shift-management

– Efficient non-routine management

– Rule-based parts / purchase / warehouse management

-Technical publication configuration management

-Production site contact management through mobile app

-Automatic creation of standard documents in the MRO field

-Automatic input of large data using Excel

Alkym is designed to increase the maintenance efficiency of airlines, specialized MROs and military maintenance organizations, and is operating in more than 85 companies in 45 countries around the world. In Korea, Air Busan, the largest low-cost airline in Korea, and KAEMS, Korea’s first professional MRO company, currently run their maintenance operation with Alkym.

KAEMS received accreditation for the Maintenance Organization (AMO) and Aviation Safety Management System (SMS) from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport in November 2018, and maintenance facilities, equipment and tools, personnel, and personnel from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the B737 in 2019. As a result of undergoing examinations in all areas, including the education system, the company acquired FAA certification for the RSQM (Repair Station Quality Manual), the Training and Training Program (TPM), and the maintenance contract list. An article in the Kookmin Ilbo (Sep. 19, 2019, reporter Jeong Kun-hee) said, “Especially, efforts to establish a training program to secure a mechanic’s competency and implement a professional MRO system that computerized maintenance documents, material management, and repair records played an important role in certification. ” The “professional MRO system” mentioned here is the result of integrating Seabury Solutions’ Alkym and Duzon Bizon’s ERP system based on KAEMS’s expertise in aviation maintenance.

In early 2019, Air Busan completed the implementation of Alkym, the first aviation maintenance solution among domestic low-cost airlines. The safety and efficiency of Air Busan’s aviation maintenance has been greatly improved through the establishment of aviation maintenance/logistics/personnel modules that apply international standards and processes. In addition, through the joint development with legacy systems such as FOS (Flight Operation System), ERP, and human resources systems, it was possible to obtain the effect of contributing to the automation of digital processes in the company-wide aspects such as flight/finance/accounting.

Enterprise Performance Analysis System (EPAS) is a performance analysis and optimization support solution that can analyze the performance of airline routes, maintenance, contracts and invoices, budget planning, fuel planning and ticket distribution channels. The world’s largest airlines have been operating EPAS as their performance analysis system such as Southwest, American Airlines, Delta, West Jet and Aero Mexico.

Business Portal eAuthority for Regulators and Regulated Companies

eAuthority is developed to support regulatory oversight in aviation regulators, airports, and defense, inspired by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and FAA regulations to guide the aviation regulatory oversight process. By digitizing, it not only increases the work efficiency of supervisors and related companies, but also provides information which is necessary for decision-making in real-time to executives of companies through a multi-platform dashboard. In the future, regulators will increasingly require digital inspections, so eAuthority allows users to perform paperless inspections, reducing inspection cycles by about 80%. Since 2019, at Civil Aviation Authorities such as Bermuda, Argentina, Venezuela, Mauritius, St. Martin, eAuthority implementation project is underway.

Key features of eAuthority (mostly available in offline environment)

– Create new audit work and manage existing history

– Visualize and manage assigned audit work

– Management and visualization of checklists, regulations, standards and guidelines

– Support multi-party collaboration during audit

– Geolocation record

– Attach digital evidence such as photos and documents to audit results or items

– Support electronic signature using stylus or finger

Major Technology Trends and Issues in the Aircraft MRO IT Industry

The aviation MRO industry handles more than 25 billion parts per year and systematically manages the maintenance history and parts history of the aircraft to guarantee the safety of the aircraft. It provides common data in a safe way without giving up control over data There is an opinion that sharing and recording is essential to promote new efficiency in the industry. Due to these demands, the event organized by Haeco Group, a specialist in aircraft maintenance and engineering, was the first to announce the idea of ​​constructing a blockchain alliance for aviation MROs, and Bolloré Logistics, Cathay, which currently operates the MRO business internationally. Pacific, FLYdocs and SITA, as well as software companies Ramco Systems and Willis Lease Finance Corporation and law firms Clyde & Co, are joining the coalition. The ICAO Blockchain Aviation Summit held in Abu Dhabi in April 2019 is an event hosted by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) to support safe and economical civil aviation systems by applying blockchain technology.

A report from PwC Global said blockchain technology can save about 5% of the total cost of the aviation MRO business (about $ 3.5 billion) and suggested that it could boost the aerospace industry’s profits by up to $ 40 billion.

In the field of aircraft maintenance education, interest in augmented reality and virtual reality is growing. This technology allows trainees to participate more actively in training and to better understand how the aircraft system works, which makes it easier to apply the training to the field. However, in order to apply virtual reality and augmented reality technologies to the field of aviation maintenance and maintenance, it is necessary to research restrictions and accreditation related to certification and regulation.

Prospect of Korea Branch

The current market is being hit unprecedentedly by COVID-19. Although most of the world’s passenger operations have almost stopped, the airline industry will gradually rebound as it did in the past. As many airlines and related companies are expected to close or merge and acquisition in this process, the introduction of professional solutions through ICT will play an important role in improving customer service and work environment and maximizing efficiency and profitability.

Seabury Solutions’ Asia subsidiary, Seabury Solutions Inc., was founded in March 2020 and started in the civil aviation field solution business, leading the implementation of the defense MRO system and expanding into China, Japan, Vietnam and Thailand based in Korea. Also, based on the know-how accumulated in the aviation field and modularized software products, it is planning to expand the solution to the railroad vehicle maintenance as well as the integrated management of nuclear dismantling work.

ABOUT CAD&GRAPHICSCAD&Graphics is a South Korean professional magazine that publishes monthly magazines and related books in the PLM field, including CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM. CAD&Graphics was founded in December 1993 and has introduced the latest information on the PLM solutions, technology, etc. of related industries. CAD&Graphics specializes in engineering solutions in machinery, architecture and industrial design, covering more specialized content


It might be some time before the Seabury Solutions team are together like they are in the photo above, but we would like to provide you all with an update on the current situation.

While there is so much uncertainty surrounding the COVID 19 pandemic, Seabury Solutions remain fully committed to serving all our clients throughout this extraordinary time.

Just like so many others around the world, our team are taking the necessary precautions and are working remotely. Thankfully, we are in a position to still offer our clients 24/7 support through our global network of offices.

We want to let all our customers know, that, we are here to support them and help minimize the effects that this abnormal situation is causing. We encourage you all to contact us via the help-desk, so that you can be made aware of the new arrangements being put in place to help facilitate you working from home.

Challenging times most certainly lie ahead for the aviation industry, but remember, we are all in this together and we will come out the other side.

Further online training of all our solutions can also be provided where required, so please don’t hesitate in contacting us.

You can reach out via email or through the website by clicking HERE.

Stay Safe and Stay Positive.


The Seabury Solutions team of SVP, Bruce Gowling and VP, Manuel Roche will once again be exhibiting at the MRO IT & Flight Ops Conference in Miami. The two day event will be hosted at the Hilton Hotel, Downtown Miami from 11th-12th March . If MRO Solutions are on your horizon, be sure to drop over to the Seabury Solutions stand E8, to hear about the latest enhancements of our industry leading maintenance solution, Alkym.

Learn how our integrated MRO solution has digitally transformed over 85 other Airlines and MROs across 45 different countries, while driving efficiencies through their organisation.

Bruce and Manuel will be showcasing the latest features in our Mobile Maintenance App, Advanced Planning Optimization Tool, the Enhanced Fleet Monitoring Tool and more. The pair will also be discussing what’s in the development pipeline for Alkym 7.3.

The Airline & Aerospace MRO & Operations IT Conference is the world’s only event to address the key issues relating to the development of IT and it’s key use for aircraft maintenance and flight operations. It is a must for any airline or MRO looking to streamline their operational processes.

More information can be found on the event HERE

If you’re looking for an MRO solution with the fastest return on investment that is both flexible and customizable then please schedule a meeting with our MRO IT specialists by emailing


For the very first time, Seabury Solutions will be exhibiting at the 5th Aviation Africa 2020 Summit, from 4th-5th March. The event will be hosted at the Skylight Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and includes leaders from African airlines, Civil Aviation Authorities, business aviation & support industries. The co-located exhibition will feature over 100 global aviation companies.

The Seabury Solutions team of VP Sales & Marketing, Carlos Bianchi, SVP Head of Civil Aviation Practice, Luc Beaudoin and Sales & Marketing Executive Brian Walsh will be showcasing the Seabury Solutions, Digital Transformation Platform.

The aviation software suite consists of a number of products designed specifically for aerospace industries and regulators. The focus for this event will be both Alkym – Aircraft MRO/M&E Software and eAuthority – Regulatory & Compliance System.

Alkym is an industry leading aircraft maintenance software designed to drive efficiencies through airlines, MROS, defense, CAMO and helicopter organisations.

eAuthority is a world class single management solution designed for regulatory and compliance for CAAs, Defense and Airports.

If you would like to schedule a meeting, and hear how our digital enterprise solutions have transformed aviation and defense organisations, please contact us to arrange a meeting.

More information on the event can be found HERE.


The Seabury Solutions team hope to catch up with you at some of the MRO Software Trade Shows that we are exhibiting at throughout 2020. Our MRO Software specialists will be on hand, to tell you all about the latest developments of our industry leading MRO Software, Alkym.

Some of the Alkym 7 latest enhancements include:-

  • Decision Support Tools that deliver industry-leading fleet monitoring capabilities
  • Best in Class Mobile Maintenance Application
  • Advanced Optimization Tools for Line, Base and MRO Operations
  • Real-Time Fleet Status Monitoring

Be sure to check out the list of MRO IT Trade Shows, to see when our team are in your region next.

MRO IT Trade Shows 2020

Aviation Africa 2020

4th & 5th March

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Stand #33

Korea Aero Summit 2020

4th & 5th March

Seoul, Korea – Stand #TBC

Airline & Aerospace MRO & Flight Operations IT Conference

March 11th &12th

Miami, Florida – Stand #E8

Aerospace Tech Week

March 18th & 19th

Toulouse, France – Stand #148


March 31st – April 5th

Santiago de Chile, Chile – Stand #TBC

MRO Americas 2020

April 28th – 30th

Dallas, Texas – Stand #2743E

CCMA & MRO Conference

May 17th – 19th

Cartagena, Colombia – Stand #TBC

Airline & Aerospace MRO & Flight Operations IT Conference

June 3th & 4th

Amsterdam, Netherlands – Stand #33

Airline & Aerospace MRO & Flight Operations IT Conference

November 4th & 5th

Bangkok, Thailand – Stand #E7

SVP, Bruce Gowling

As Seabury Solutions presence continues to expand globally, we are proud to announce the opening of our new office in Ottawa, Canada.

Bruce Gowling – Senior Vice-President, is a prominent business adviser with more than 20 years of global aviation industry experience. Through that time, Bruce has assisted large enterprises in applying advanced technology to enhance their business performance and competitiveness. Mr. Gowling is a leading authority on the design and use of enterprise software systems and processes that are used to operate, manage and maintain large aircraft fleets and MRO operations.

In addition to his business acumen and industry experience, Mr. Gowling is a PMI – (CAPM)®, pilot and a trained flight dispatcher.

Mr. Gowling stated “I’m very excited to settle into the region and continue to grow the Seabury brand while supporting any local initiatives.”

“I think it’s clear that we are committed to enhancing the Seabury brand not just nationally here in Canada, but regionally too. Developing a local presence is of utmost importance to us,” Bruce concludes.

Bruce will be primarily focused on Alkym and eAuthority within our Digital Transformation Platform. Alkym is an industry leading MRO/M&E Solution developed for Airlines, MROs, Defense Orgs. & Helicopter Operators. eAuthority , which is designed for regulatory, compliance and safety oversight, is one of the most comprehensive solutions on the market specifically developed for CAAs, Airports and Defense Orgs.

Please reach out to for all inquiries.


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