Key Features of eAuthority

An Integrated Aviation Authority Software

An Integrated Aviation Authority Software

eAuthority is an aviation authority software that empowers users to effectively accomplish their tasks and processing objectives with limited support from the IT department. The application is modular allowing you to choose the modules required for your authority. Aviation Authority Software                                 Core application include:
  • Advanced Workflow
  • Administrative Control
  • Dynamic Reporting
  • Document Management
Details of selected modules and their functions: Licences:
  • Flight Crew Licensing
  • Air Traffic Control Licensing
  • Maintenance Personnel Licensing
  • Air Operators Certificate
  • Maintenance Organizations
  • Training Organizations
  • Design Organization Approval
  • Continuous Airworthiness Management
  • Special Approvals
  • Maintenance Program Approval
  • ACAM
  • AD Control
  • Certificate  of Registration
  • Type of Certifciate
  • Certificate of Airworthiness
  • Including Export CofA
  • Maintenance Approval
  • ARC
  • Special Approvals
  • Manual Oversight
  • Inspections
  • Auditing Process
  • Planning
  • Audit Reports
  • Risk Based Approcah
  • Foreign Operator Surveillance (SAFA)
  • Checklist Management
Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)
eAuthority is now extending it’s capabilities to Unmanned Aircraft Systems. These systems include
  1. Remotely Piloted Air Systems (RPAS), where the UAV is controlled by a ‘pilot’ using a radio data link remotely.
  2. Autonomously controlled UAV.
  3. Semi autonomous UAV.
Due to the rapid use of UAS by State for military activities and more recently civil commercial applications, Seabury Solutions have tailored eAuthority to enable regulators and military organisations manage their processes effectively. Some of the operational safety issues raised by UAS depend essentially on:
  • Risk and consequences of mid-air collision with another UAV or a manned aircraft
  • Risk of loss of control of a UAV
  • Risk of intentional misuse of a UAV
  • Whether the use to which a UAV is put is Military/State, Commercial, Leisure or Hobby
How is eAuthority Different?
Before implementing eAuthority, Seabury Solutions provide the expertise and flexibility to accommodate each local Aviation Authority. The eAuthority specialist first identifies the customer´s requirements and then begins mapping out the process, to deliver a solutions tailored to their specific needs. The digitization process is fully customizable to adapt to your requirements. Click HERE to see the Inspections tool of our Aviation Regulatory Software! 

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