Key Features of CPAS

Enhancing Value Across the Enterprise

Key Features of CPAS

Contract and Document Management

  • Provide centralized and secure online access to all of your organizations agreements
  • Capture meta-data that enhances agreement organization and search
  • Configuration options include:

-Full document lifecycle support with authoring, approvals and change control/versioning

-Onboarding of approved documents from your existing document management application

Contracting Party Details

  • Capture information about your customers and vendors
  • Provides for multiple locations and contact information
  • Consistent with IATA SIS data requirements

Defining the Contracted Products and Services to be Settled

  • Each contracted item can be defined in a volume times rate calculation
  • Volume values can reflect the passage of time such as rent or debt service or they can be derived through the importing and evaluation of service delivery documentation such as operating statistics or delivery and receiving documents
  • Pricing configuration provides for both unit rates as well as the ability to derive a tiered price based on the given volume value input
  • Rates will reflect the billing currency. Invoices can/will reflect the settlement currency as applicable.
  • Final item settlement values can be derived from their component values such as an item with both a fixed and variable component

Invoice Generation

  • The system supports the generation of both outward (revenue) and inward (payable) invoices
  • Processing results are structured as Invoices with associated Invoice Line Items and their associated Line Item Detail
  • Invoices can be generated individually or as a batch with the same invoice date and billing measurement period.

Invoice Review 

  • The system provides for the review and approval of outward/customer billings prior to their delivery
  • The system generated payable invoices reflect the expected liability to the vendor under the terms of the agreement and can also be reviewed and approved in support of recording an accrued expense/liability and to approve the invoice for use in the payable audit process (see below)
  • During the review process, the analyst can view and access the recent occurrences of the invoice under review to evaluate it for reasonableness

Payable Audit – Review and Approval of Vendor Invoices

  • Vendor invoices can be imported into the system if they are electronic or they can be manually entered into the system
  • Manual data capture can be expedited by using the system generated accrual invoice as a starting point
  • System will attempt to automatically match the vendor invoice to its associated system generated expected result and if a match is found, the system will evaluate the billed amounts and can auto-approve the vendor invoice where variances are within prescribed tolerances for that invoice
  • Unmatched invoices and those out of tolerance are queued for review where the analyst will declare the accepted amounts and resolve the variance as applicable through rejection, short pay or correspondence

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