Paperless and Electronic Safety Inspections

Key Features of Inspections
  • Tracking Safety Inspections Internally through Workflows – System Administrators have the capability of designing workflows for the inspection process involving all their main business entities. Safety Inspections that are applicable to the administrator can be viewed within the customer portal. ‘Planned’ and ‘In Progress’  Inspections can be viewed on a calendar within their portal.

  • Central Database of previous Inspections – Information related to auditing, including Standard/Regulations, Checklists, Audits, Findings, Actions and Inspection Programs, is centralised in a relational database.  This can be used in the planning of future inspections and analysing trends and risks.
  • Electronic Communication – Communication between Inspector and customer can be done via the portal.
  • Mobile Applications – This allows inspectors to carry out paperless inspections reducing the inspection cycle by 80%. The following functionalities are available to hand (most even when working offline):
    • Find and visualise existing checklists, and available regulations, standards and guidelines
    • Visualise and check assigned audits
    • Create a new audit from scratch
    • Check assigned personnel
    • Start, pause, resume and finish an audit
    • Collaborate with others in an audit
    • Raise findings, even acceding to a pre-described findings database to speed up the finding taking process
    • Geolocation recording
    • Attach photos, documents, and all kind of digital evidences to findings or items in the audit
    • Electronically sign off on the audit using a stylus or finger
  • Inspection Reports via Portal – Reports are available via the portal and customers can respond to inspector’s requirements directly through the portal.
  • Digital Signatures – Documents can be electronically signed assuring authenticity. They are then stored and transferred in PDF format to help ensure document has not been altered after signing has taken place.

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