Key Features
Generate timely and relevant information

Incomplete or out of date information can hamstring the decision making process.

Shape ePAS to best reflect your organization

Create processing models that fit your organizational structure at installation and adjust or introduce new models to accommodate operational evolution over time.

Model the complexities of any operation using the EPAS integrated, activity-based costing engine.

Define and store multiple processing models provides information from the time a schedule is proposed through flown flight

Use network analysis to fully understand/determine the value of a flight in terms of its connecting traffic.

  • User Defined
  • Comprehensive
  • Robust
  • Purpose-Driven
User Defined
Enabling analysts to manage the methodology without IT resources’ 

EPAS flexibile architecture enables users to control and evolve methodology without dependence on IT code development

EPAS is a configurable application giving users complete control over all aspects of methodology definition including P/L line item setup, general ledger mapping, operational hierarchical structure setup and derivable statistic definition

As the business evolves, this flexibility enables methodology evolution to conform to the operation

Don´t get caught shortsighted

Most performance analysis is limited to looking at a single flight leg. So, a poor performing flight leg quickly becomes a candidate for cancellation.

But, would you still be inclined to cut this market if you knew that the majority of customers in this market were connecting to other flights?

Even accounting for local market “spill,” these connecting passengers might be making a net positive contribution based on the analysis of their true origin and destination. But, you’d never know if you were using conventional performance analysis tools.


Through the multi-model capability of EPAS, focus can be made to different operational sub-components beyond the traditional Route Profitability such as

  • Maintenance Performance – Is third party maintenance profitable? Which base is most effective?  Are my suppliers delivery according to KPIs?
  • Distribution Channel Performance – Which agents are most effective relative to performance incentives? What is my true cost of sales?  What is the net revenue realized by market?
  • Cargo – How profitable are the cargo operations? Is the cargo yield generating a profitable gain vs. passengers lost due to belly restrictions?

Further, EPAS enables the measurement across time horizions: last month, month to date, next month and What-If analysis.

Simplicity when warranted, Complexity when necessary
Assign ALL costs to actual flights

The EPAS integrated cost allocation engine supports a full spectrum of methods to define and assign costs to individual flights.
The robust allocation engine combined with a variety of data enhancement methodologies creates results unobtainable from other systems and processes.

Easy to use and detects new attributes automatically

End users create and maintain the allocation methodology through an on-line interface allowing timely maintenance and transparency.

EPAS also automatically detects new input data attributes such as new stations or fleet types, thereby limiting the need for manual intervention.

The information you need when you need it

Today’s environment demands timely proactive or reactive action. That’s why we built APAS with modeling capabilities far beyond traditional systems.

EPAS enables users to measure profitability on weekly or even daily basis, which equips decision makers with better information to take more timely action

Change how you model and monitor performance throughout the month

Forecast the performance of your proposed schedule based on your operating, revenue and cost assumptions.

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