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Digitalizing the Regulatory Oversight Process

Digital transformation is about changing current means of doing business through digitalised, electronic, on-line tools leading to better operations and strategic business differentiation. Seabury’s aim is to provide the Civil Aviation Authorities the means to implement digital tools and applications across the Safety Regulatory Department. This will enable innovation and creativity – thus leading to strategic competitive advantage.

Many organisations across the aviation industry have begun integrating and applying digital technologies to create fundamental changes at all levels of their operations. Aviation Regulators are part of the eco-system and a move towards integration should be an essential priority. Leveraging these latest technologies will help achieve greater success, drive innovation, and gain competitive advantage (for your customers). Our aviation regulatory software, eAuthority, encompasses a true digital business platform that streamlines both internal and customer-facing processes for the Aviation Authorities. Our aim is to support the organisation’s business transformation in 2 ways:

  1. Operational focus: use process-based business applications to do what you were doing before, but faster, more cost-effective and more efficiently.
  2. Strategic focus: use applications to take your strategic vision and make it operational.

This combined approach can help the Aviation Authority to strengthen customer connections, cut costs, and lead the way in the regulatory environment.

eAuthority will help deliver the following:

  • Improved access to and satisfaction with your services
  • Automation and better integration across departments
  • Real-time views both online and mobile
  • Streamlined customer-facing processes into single, cohesive, digital processes
  • Easy, engaging, and efficient customer service experience
  • The ability to innovate constantly
  • Compliance with regulations and standard through agile and highly responsive applications

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