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We understand that producing a leading edge software system is just the beginning. Without the services a good product cannot become a great product. We invest in our people to ensure they deliver the services that matter. Whether it is the Sales Process, the project to GO LIVE or the on-going support services rest assured our customers are the centre of everything we do.


Seabury Solutions has a proven track record for rapid and successful implementation of its products. The team of experienced aviation industry experts will work very closely to the customer on the implementation with the following goals,

  • Design an operating model which makes full use of the advantages and benefits of each product,
  • Install and set up the software according to the company specific characteristics, requirements and needs
  • Massively transfer the digital information used by the company in order to facilitate the full operation of the system in shorts time frames
  • Provide technical assistance and training to the company personnel so that the software can be fully and efficiently used
  • Ensure that the solution is closely aligned with the strategic objectives of the company
  • Collaborate on the identification of considerable and low-cost opportunities for improvement in the current business processes;

The scope of the project is based on the following premises:

  • Identification and analysis of the organization, processes, procedures and daily activities of the company in order to fully adopt and use Alkym;
  • Identification, analysis and validation of technical and operating issues with the aim of ensuring the viability of the IT solution;
  • Definition of the operating model in accordance with the company’s knowledge about the business, software, processes, procedures and daily activities;
  • Installation and start-up of the software according to the company’s paramount needs.
  • Training in issues related to the modules which were implemented;
  • Data migration from other digital information sources used by the company;
  • Support to end users during the initial stages of using the system so as to ensure a successful adoption of the system and reduce response time in case of possible requirements;


In terms of maintenance service, technical support and updating tasks, Seabury Solutions provides customers with the following services,

  • Technical Support via Web Portal, Chat Services, telephone, email or remote access in case of incidents in the operation of a model with the following characteristics:
    • Reports of incidents to be tracked
    • Centralized reception and management of requirements
    • Supply of estimated dates for the resolution and communication of the requirement’s status to the System Administrator
  • Supply and eventual application of fixes (corrections) in the software mainly in critical cases
  • Supply of updates for licensed modules.
  • Support in the monitoring and control of the software performance in the Customer’s location.
  • Support in the definition of controls so as to check the correct/effective operation of the software in the Customer’s location.
  • Support in security matters for keeping information safe.
  • Support in case of loss of information and its recovery.
  • Support in the definition of procedures and system configuration.
  • Support in the analysis of the most convenient updates for the new versions.
  • Support in the optimization of the use of information.
  • Support in the disclosure and utilization of new functions and capabilities of the software.
  • Access to training courses relative to our product range.
  • Active role in the definition of requirements and establishment of priorities of matters relative to the software evolution.

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