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Digital Aircraft Inspections 

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The eFOS solution was developed to provide States with the capability to carry-out electronically, paperless, supported Ramp Inspections in support of ICAO Doc. 8335 and the EU Ramp Inspection Programme (SAFA/SACA) in accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) No 965/2012. The eFOS inspection module is a multi-platform solution that allows several users (Ramp Inspectors) to carry out a simultaneous oversight aircraft inspection, utilizing an iOS device such as iPad, surface tablet or other portable device.

A web-based master database and administrative module captures data from the field where formal reports and notifications can be generated.  The eFOS system is designed to provide users with standardized and intuitively interactive checklists that maximizes benefits in time management and Quality Assurance.  All checklists and pre-defined findings are held in the database thus creating a high quality ramp inspection from an administrative perspective.

Findings are enhanced with the use of the ability to gather graphical data through the utilization of device cameras, thus lessening the need for inspectors to utilize stand-alone cameras to capture evidence of findings during the aircraft inspection.

The eFOS system provides system administrators with the capability to generate formal finding reports that include pictorial evidence gathered at the time of the inspection.  Furthermore; the eFOS database can generate statistical data that can be used to support ICAO USOAP and internal auditing functions.

eFOS, which is used by leading Authorities, can be used stand-alone or enhance EU/EASA SAFA database by enhancing and exchanging information seamlessly. The eFOS system works harmoniously with the eAuthority system and can be tailored to suit the user’s requirements.

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