Kaems is FAA Certified for B737 on first attempt, Aided by our ‘Professional MRO Solutions.’

In an article published yesterday, on www.kmib.co.kr (a major Korean newspaper) we were thrilled to see that one of our MRO customers, Korea Aviation Engineering & Maintenance Service (KAEMS) has been certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for maintenance of B737 aircraft.

This news comes to much delight, as we know the dedication that has been applied from everyone in KAEMS to achieve this. We would also like to give a special mention to the Seabury Solutions team who worked tirelessly to ensure the success of the implementation project.

A translation of the article can be seen below. For any fluent Korean speakers, the original can be viewed by clicking this link.

Through this certification, KAEMS will be able to expand maintenance orders as an MRO specialist. KAEMS officially applied to the FAA for maintenance organization certification in May, and in August reviewed all areas including maintenance facilities, equipment and tools, personnel, and education system.

This resulted in the recognition and approval of the Maintenance Organization Procedure Manual (RSQM), Training and Training Program (TPM), and Maintenance Contract List.

In particular, efforts to establish training program for securing mechanic’s competency and to implement a professional MRO system that computerized maintenance documents, material management, and repair history have been critical to certification.

KAI officially launched KAEMS, Korea’s first aviation MRO specialist, in June 2017 after being selected as an airline MRO operator by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport in December 2017.

KAEMS received the certification of maintenance organization and aviation safety management system from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport(MOLIT) in November last year. This year, Jeju Air and Eastar B737 have successfully completed their maintenance.

According to a KAEMS official, “This certification is significant in that it has prepared in the shortest period and in the first attempt. This will be bridgehead for volume orders by proving KAEMS’s .” We will expand our list of maintenance models to secure domestic and overseas volume. ”

According to a KAEMS official, “This certification is significant in that it demonstrates KAEMS’s maintenance capabilities in the shortest time and in the first attempt, thereby providing a bridgehead for receiving additional orders in a short time.” He also said, “We will expand our maintenance capabilities to Airbus series (A320, etc.) and Wide Body models to secure domestic and overseas volume.”